30 Days

Okay so here is the deal. I’ve been having a lot of work meetings lately.  The kind that take place over food.  Now granted part of the motivation for this is that my current employer is also vegetarian so it isn’t like he’s having me meet him at a burger joint or at least not the traditional sort. However along with that has been tired dinners out with the fiance, quick bites (such as bread and cheese) in a hurry etc. So all in all I’ve been eating a lot of food that is really cooked, fairly processed and way too high in fat.  I gained weight not a ton but enough that my jeans hurt at the waist and I have a perpetual muffin top. That wasn’t enough motivation though.  I mean it got me on 1-2 healthy meals and a hike then another meeting and you get it. The final straw was just after the last meeting. We ate at whole foods I had coffee and a muffin (really bad) followed near the end of the meeting by some mexican food over lettuce. I realize that they have an extensive salad bar but the dressings are full of canola oil, sugar, etc. They don’t have make your own vinaigrette options and the lemon wedge option is a bit tricky/messy at a meeting. So I left the meeting and I felt sick, I mean coming down with a stomach virus sick. I canceled my plans for that day and the next which cost me some errands I was in the right area for and a good deal of work time. Once I started to eat some simple raw foods I began to feel better. Admittedly I think my system is still in recovery. I’m tired a lot of the time right now.

So on to the good. I have been doing some cleaning, the kitchen, laundry, an on going ants in the cabinets battle (they like the honey jars and the cat treats). Despite that I’ve been going through the raw recipe books a bit. I’m also trying to do low fat raw as of today at least. The low fat part is a new one for me. I should probably say whole fat rather than low fat. I will still be having nuts and avocados but not in copious amounts and no oil. At least not until I’m exercising again and lost the weight but even then I will need to watch it. More importantly I’m starting a 30 day raw challenge.  The detox is supposed to be miserable but I feel like that anyways when I’m eating bad. Originally the plan was just to eat “healthier” and “more raw” but I think following a “30 day challenge” will help me stay on track long enough to try to form some real habits. I started yesterday although not with the challenge in mind yet. Last night I ate mostly raw smoothie, chia seed porridge, marinated veggies and a bit of cooked millet. Although I hadn’t realized that someone used a whole lot of vegetable shortening for the millet.  More importantly I started some sprouts and soaked almonds. Today I had a smoothie and a large salad (with the fat free tomato dressing recipe from Going Raw), plenty of water, no caffeine, some chamomile and started sprouting some mung beans. I’m putting off the almond milk making to tomorrow.  I stayed up later than intended already.  I took my vitamins yesterday and today. I need to start juicing but I haven’t wanted the hassle yet. Maybe I can prep the ingredients tomorrow during the work call I have to make. I really need to schedule my (already paid for) 30 days of unlimited classes at the “Bar Method,” a massage and start a morning yoga routine.


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