Days Two and Three

Yesterday, I had a citrus and kale smoothie for breakfast and Green Energy Soup from Going Raw and a salad with for dinner.  I messed up a bit on the soup I blended in the red bell pepper instead of dicing it and adding it afterwards. The end result was brown and a bit watered down plus the bell pepper taste was a bit strong.  It was palatable but it’s much better when the recipe is followed accurately. For the salad I cheated a bit. It was still raw but for the dressing I added (flax) oil which I said I wasn’t going to do. I was really craving Italian Dressing (which I used to hate) and I didn’t have any soaked nuts to use for a creamy and oil free version. The recipe I used did call for hemp seeds, water and red bell pepper and a few other things so there wasn’t as much oil to it as my dressings usually have.  I’ve since decided to simply try to keep it to a minimum.

Today was another business meeting day. I woke up late, since the man in my life was snoring all night long. So that meant no water or snacks beforehand. I also missed out on the original meeting location I had suggested when I knew would mean I could get a plastic free raw meal. I managed to find a last minute alternative. Yay, at that point I was only looking for moderately healthy vegan but I managed to pick one with a raw menu. The meal went pretty well I’m not sure if both of the two desserts that were split were raw but all in all I ate healthily. Unfortunately I forgot to say no straws so there was some plastic used. Later I had a bit of decaf coffee in one of those unfortunately thin plastic film lined paper coffee cups. I was cold though and I skipped the soy milk and the plastic top. Sadly it was so awful I drank very little of it. Instead a japanese tea garden was nearby. There I had some green tea and some miso soup (probably not raw) and left the tofu behind in the bowl. For dinner at home I had leftover salad and Green Energy Soup from last night. Tomorrow (fingers crossed) I will be juice feasting at least part of the day. My last attempt at having juice on an empty stomach (carrot, romaine and spinach) left me feeling dizzy so we’ll see if I can do better  with it this time. If not I’ll have to sneak in a small piece of (not juiced) vegetable or fruit on the side for the fiber to slow things down.


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