Relatively Healthy and Nearly Plastic Free

Okay, so I know I made another sudden stop on the blog entries. A lot happened in that time, so here is the summary: On the fast I made it about two weeks then there was a vegetarian festival that I attended with my boss and I was off the wagon. That said I think a month was a little too industrious for my first 100% raw food fast. I certainly wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. By the end of the second week I was out of work schedule friendly meal options. I moved back to my home state. More specifically I’m staying with my mom and hopefully we’ll be helping each other out. I’ve been trying to infuse the household with my love of healthy foods. Not to mention my concerns about the amount of plastic wasted. Initially I was making such poor progress on the food front that I was consuming not only refined foods but dairy, white flour and candy. I gained weight and naturally my skin became so uncomfortable I decided that I needed to do a two week raw food fast. The fast never happened but I’m finally managing healthier meals that still suit the tastes of the whole household. Last night I made a “Pad Thai” inspired salad based off of what we had in the fridge and made a peanut sauce dressing which went over very well. Then I made carrot blueberry bran muffins for the next morning. Tonight was a kale salad based off the one most often offered at Whole Foods and whole wheat pasta with “Hurry Up Alfredo” sauce from the Vegan Yum Yum cookbook/blog. Tomorrow morning I’m going to try making potato pancakes with whole wheat flour. Both dinners were a rather roaring success. I don’t think I’m likely to tire of having a man tell me what a great cook I am every night (my mom’s bf).

Plastic still feels like an uphill battle but with bringing in reusable bags and more (unwrapped) fresh produce I’ve certainly reduced everyone else’s plastic waste beyond the slight increase in mine. I also brought in bio bags but as of yet they’re only being used 50% of the time.