Cherry Berry Lemonaide Smoothie

So a lot has happened. I was eating quite healthy, then not at all. Plus I started smoking again. My health slipped because of it, for the first time in my life I was chronically ill and didn’t know what with for months. Heck, there still isn’t a consensus but the general thought is I was eating something my body couldn’t process so my stomach became inflamed and wasn’t processing anything. So I was starving, no matter what I ate always hungry, always malnourished which led to other issues. That’s under control now (thanks to vitamin shots).  Which helped me to quit smoking. I’m back to eating healthy and with a busy schedule one thing I have managed to start doing every morning is have a smoothie. Most of the time I use my massive smoothie pinterest board but today I was craving something I couldn’t find. I wanted Cherry Lemonaide because I was craving tart, sweet and DOMS reducing for a pre-workout energizer.

1 handful dried cherries

1 cup frozen cherries

1 cup blueberries (ran out of cherries)

juice from 1-2 lemons (I used 2 but it’s VERY tart)

1 handful spinach

Optional Supplements

1 tbsp maca

1 tbsp flax seeds

1 tsp bee pollen

water as needed

Blend, blend blend. I used my vitamix so it blended smooth. With the amount of frozen and dried (sweetened) berries I didn’t need to add any additional sweetener. I’m liking it and I must be near to a month straight. I wish I was doing so well on the Bender 30 Day Challenge. I got through day 2 and was so sore I could barely move and I have a physically demanding career these days. I waited for the soreness to subside somewhat reluctantly but not wanting to risk injury. So I missed 2 days to that and then a 3rd when my plans to workout with my well workout buddy fell through for the day. Today is another day I’m to work out on my own. I’m just a little hesitant. I suppose if I end up too stiff and sore again I’ll have to consider starting with an easier workout and do the challenge when it’s less debilitating. Meanwhile I started listening to Divergent and feel like a wimp, not because I had to rest but because I didn’t start right back in the second I was able. So today is the day!


Relatively Healthy and Nearly Plastic Free

Okay, so I know I made another sudden stop on the blog entries. A lot happened in that time, so here is the summary: On the fast I made it about two weeks then there was a vegetarian festival that I attended with my boss and I was off the wagon. That said I think a month was a little too industrious for my first 100% raw food fast. I certainly wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. By the end of the second week I was out of work schedule friendly meal options. I moved back to my home state. More specifically I’m staying with my mom and hopefully we’ll be helping each other out. I’ve been trying to infuse the household with my love of healthy foods. Not to mention my concerns about the amount of plastic wasted. Initially I was making such poor progress on the food front that I was consuming not only refined foods but dairy, white flour and candy. I gained weight and naturally my skin became so uncomfortable I decided that I needed to do a two week raw food fast. The fast never happened but I’m finally managing healthier meals that still suit the tastes of the whole household. Last night I made a “Pad Thai” inspired salad based off of what we had in the fridge and made a peanut sauce dressing which went over very well. Then I made carrot blueberry bran muffins for the next morning. Tonight was a kale salad based off the one most often offered at Whole Foods and whole wheat pasta with “Hurry Up Alfredo” sauce from the Vegan Yum Yum cookbook/blog. Tomorrow morning I’m going to try making potato pancakes with whole wheat flour. Both dinners were a rather roaring success. I don’t think I’m likely to tire of having a man tell me what a great cook I am every night (my mom’s bf).

Plastic still feels like an uphill battle but with bringing in reusable bags and more (unwrapped) fresh produce I’ve certainly reduced everyone else’s plastic waste beyond the slight increase in mine. I also brought in bio bags but as of yet they’re only being used 50% of the time.

Smoky “Mayo”

1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
glob of unfiltered honey
Smoked paprika
Good amount of reduced salt miso
Apple cider vinegar (1/4-1/3 cap?)
Olive oil

This doesn’t taste like Mayo, it tastes so much better than mayo!  Sorry for all the to taste style lack of measurements it was created on a whim.

Oh and a link to a recipe I’m quite fond of Kung Wow Veggies

Short on time

So my goal was 50% raw, but now I have a lot of raw recipe books (I refuse to call them un-cookbooks, I’m not undoing the cooking on anything).  So the new plan is make what I can in advance, and then well – we’ll see how far I get with that and only then plan the weeknights.  I’m starting to miss the time I used to have to myself being a part time employee, or unemployed (ages ago).  Of course I realize I’m not good at time management at home.  At least not in the past so realistically I’d start missing work fairly immediately.   The grass is always greener, hmmm speaking of the movie is on Netflix instant play.

Tuesday May 3

Today’s Meals

1 cranberry pumpkin buckwheat muffin
1 bowl muesli of fresh cherries, raw cacoa nibs, pecans and oat flakes in almond milk
additional cherries and some strawberries on the side

Isa Moskowitz’s Seiten & Navy Bean Sausages w/ my home made saurkraut

A taco salad of green leaf lettuce, cilantro, black beans, avocado mashed with lime juice, and plenty of salsa

Today’s meals went fairly well. I only ate half the muesli and almond milk I packed, and not even that until lunch time. The kraut and sausages were great, but having it straight after “breakfast” meant I was over-full. Also I’m not certain that gluten settles that well for me. I’ not gluten intolerant but it still lays a bit heavy in the stomach. The muffin I ended up eating after work with a mug of tea and the strawberry cherry mixture. Overall a good mix of cooked and raw foods, but with poor timing and portion choices.

Work was slow, and I could have done with snacks but I’ve not gotten around to making any healthy ones yet.

Saturday on Food

This mornings breakfast was pretty basic:

mueseli made of

1/2 cup oats

1/8 cup sliced almonds – not raw, but I hear that even organic “raw” almonds are pasteurized if from the U.S.

1/8 dried berry mixture (cherries, goji berries, and a yellow one I forgot the name of)

1/8 cup sunflower seeds

previously made almond milk (sweetened with dates and vanilla)

We only had quick oats on hand which is rather starchy.  I intend to get some raw oat flakes as some point in the future.  I’m also thinking to use more pecans in place of almonds.  Both because of taste and the supposed pasteurization laws regarding almonds made here.  Unfortunately pecans are also richer (I think) and a lot pricier so we’ll see.  Cashews are cheap but not as tasty.

Lunch so far has just been a baked potato with some “Buttermilk Chive Dressing” from  Her Savory Sunflower Seed Herb Dressingwas my favorite for a little while (on lettuce not broccoli) but I got tired of it 1/4 of the way through my second batch.  Now I’m on the the Caesar salad dressing from my Cafe Gratitude recipe book.

Adam (my fiance) is promising me seitan sausages, which look to have a low Gi (I think) to go with my home made sauerkraut (the traditional fermented sort).  I wanted to use my raw kraut in some raw recipes but I couldn’t think of anything that sounded good to put it on.  Some people eat it straight but it’s a bit too salty to me for that.  Plus I still think of it as a topping.  In any event it will certainly be healthier than the store sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and summer sausage I liked as a child.

Other menu items I’m considering are Sarma Melngailis’s tacos, red grapefruit avocado and fennel salad, macaroons (w/ agave in place of maple syrup), King Oyster Mushroom “Calamari,” and jeruselem artichoke cucumber dolmas. From Terces Engelhart’s book (cafe gratitude) I’m eye-ing the almond humus, falafels with spicy tahini sauce, farmer style cheese, enchiladas, strawberry shortcake and the strawberry apply cobbler. The Gratitude recipes look better for work lunches, but then the Melngailis books are from the library so they take a bit of precedence. We’ll see if I manage any of them 😉 If I do then I promise I’ll add photos of those, I’d like to be adding one per a post but I’m always eating my food before taking time to make a photo of it.

Ginger Get Well Smoothie

makes about 2 1/2 large glasses

1/2 to 1 inch ginger
3 green apples, seeds removed
1 1/2 -2 cups frozen red grapes ( I freeze my own)
1/8 cup cran concentrate
1 head red butter/boston? lettuce
1/2 cup filtered water
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/8 cup grape concentrate (I think I’ll reduce this to a tbsp at most next time)

Put all the ingredients blender except the grapes and strawberries (or alternately and probably preferably some of the apples).  Blend in a Vitamix or Blentec for the Vitamix you’ll need the tamper, I can’t personally say about the Blentec. After the initial ingredients have blended you’ll have room for the others.  I still had a little room to spare so I may try switching from cranberry concentrate to frozen cranberries to make a colder smoothie.  My fiance is currently sick and felt that this recipe really helped with his sore throat.  The smoothie is more red than green in color but isn’t particularly vibrant or smooth looking, the actual texture is of course very smooth and the taste has a lot of punch to it.

Note: for those new to the Vitamix please start on low and at 0.  After turning on quickly turn the dial from 0 to 10, then flip the other switch to high.  Always have the tamper or clear top piece ready to block any liquid from shooting upwards.  It is suggested that you do this this every time you turn on the blender even if it has only been off for a second.  If you forget this then you may end up with liquid on your ceiling, but it’s doubtful you’ll hurt the blender. 😉