So what’s been happening? I’ll tell you:

The local farmers market closed for the fall/winter seasons. I joined a CSA so I can have still fresh organic veggies for the week without all the hassle of grocery shopping during my lunch or when I’m tired at night. I’m using some of the extra time it saves to find healthy recipes. I’m still doing a bit of shopping but I’m working on less. Every time I go to a grocery store I get less food while spending more money and time. Anyways I’ve saved some money already and I made a root vegetable ragout, a salad, kale chips and a sweet potato dessert so far. I still have plenty of leftovers, and we ate a few things just raw. I have another delivery tomorrow so I reduced my CSA plan to the $33 veggie box.

I started sprouting legumes tonight so I can make this: http://www.divinetaste.com/archives/multi-lentil-multi-vegetable-stewsambar-from-the-kitchens-of-akshaya-patra/
For the veggies I plan on using pumpkin, radishes and their leaves, baby turnips and their greens, carrots, and maybe a few other things from the CSA box I’m getting tomorrow and leftovers from this past week. I also have plans for a new batch of kale chips and zucchini chips too.

I also made a vegetarian version of this http://unfussyfare.com/2009/green-pozole-with-chicken/ mostly from things I got at the grocery store.

I’ve started sprouting some plants for a little salad garden for the winter. My tatsoi, spinach, leek (one so far), beets, broccoli rapini, and red russian kale.