Smoky “Mayo”

1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
glob of unfiltered honey
Smoked paprika
Good amount of reduced salt miso
Apple cider vinegar (1/4-1/3 cap?)
Olive oil

This doesn’t taste like Mayo, it tastes so much better than mayo!  Sorry for all the to taste style lack of measurements it was created on a whim.

Oh and a link to a recipe I’m quite fond of Kung Wow Veggies


Blueberry Banana “Bread” Smoothie

I wanted a muffin in a glass this morning.  Unfortunately I didn’t really measure anything so it’s going to be a rather vague or to taste time of recipe.

over a cup of frozen blueberries

1/3 a pint of fresh blueberries

a handful of fresh spinach (a large handful but I have small hands)

1/2 very ripe banana

roughly a tablespoon of flax seeds

about 4 walnuts

a capfull of vanilla extract

one squeeze of agave

enough filtered water to make this into a smoothie

Blend.  I think next time I’ll try making a walnut milk for it, and/or perhaps some cinnamon.


Tropical Smoothie

I’m trying to have one green smoothie a day.  Although if I add black and blue berries I can have a purple one.  In any event my favorite creation to date is the following:

1/2 papaya no seeds (because I don’t know if they qualify as good for you seeds or bad for you ones)

1/2 mango

5 leaves red leaf lettuce

1 small handful of spinach

1 1/2 cups frozen peaches

1 light squeeze of agave or raw honey (optional)

small spash of orange juice

Turn on the Vitamix and mash into the blades, and blend for 2 minutes.  Drink.